All You Can Eat

Our Menu is Based on All You Can Eat Style to Maximize the Best Experience for our Customers. You can also order each dish individually.

It Has 4 Big Sections, First is the Pacific Experience, our favorite food menu. The second part is our Tokyo Experience, including all the Pacific parts plus the top-grade Sushi and Sashimi. Exclusive Desserts also be found on this menu.

The Ryukyu Experience (where our exclusive Whisky is made from). This Experience will bring you the Joy of the food. Featuring some exclusive wine, Japanese sake or cocktails, and the best whisky in the world Kujira whisky from Ryukyu Island, Japan.

The last experience is O-Makase, our Fish Chef will prepare your dinner individually. No Menu and also some of the best ingredients not on the menu will be presented.

You can order anything from the menu as many times as you like. Make sure you order what you can finish. Any leftover food will be charged. Take-out containers are not available for ALL YOU-CAN-EAT